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Suffered a Personal Injury and Think You Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

Lawyers. They’re expensive. Many times following a car accident or other accident resulting in personal injury, potential clients wonder how they can afford a North Carolina personal injury lawyer. Indeed, sometimes victims of personal injuries do not contact a lawyer for fear that they will have to pay an expensive retainer fee, high hourly rates, or high costs in order to pursue their claim. This is not the case, and our experienced Greenville, NC personal injury lawyers, Wilmington, NC personal injury lawyers, and Morehead City personal injury lawyers will actually handle your case without you paying a dime.

When client’s first come into our office, we do things a little differently than other law offices. One, we don’t have an “intake specialist” on our staff. You don’t meet with a non-lawyer to discuss your case. You meet with a lawyer; sometimes you meet with both our lawyers. These lawyers will be with you from the very beginning of your case to the very end. When you have your initial attorney meeting, we will gather all information about your claim. We will discuss whether you have a claim, and if so, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your claim. We try to be very realistic with our clients and potential clients about what they can expect should they pursue their case. We will then make a decision together as to whether you want to work with our firm to handle your claim. When you decide to hire our firm to handle your personal injury claim, you pay nothing. That’s right – no money now; no money later for attorney’s fees. We handle personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning we take a percentage of any money we recover for you, either through settlement, arbitration award, or court judgment. Our standard contingency fee is 1/3 of the settlement. We do not raise that amount if we are unable to settle your case and have to take it to court like many law firms do. We truly believe that once we commit to handle your case, as long as your case continues to have merit, we will pursue it all the way.

We absolutely do not ever want to turn anyone away because they cannot afford a personal injury lawyer. We believe in justice and fight for justice and turning clients down because of their financial status is anything but justice. This is why we set up our fees so we are accessible to those people who do not have the money to spend to pursue their claim. Financial status should never prevent access to Court to pursue your car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or other claim. We understand that many of our clients are already struggling financially following an accident. Many times, personal injury victims are out of work and facing large doctor’s bills while trying to support a family. Our firm will do everything we can to help alleviate your financial concerns by handling your personal injury case without you paying anything up front.

If you have been injured in a car accident or suffered a personal injury by some other means, call our Wilmington, NC personal injury lawyers, Greenville, NC personal injury lawyers, and Morehead City, NC personal injury lawyers. We are here to help you in your time of greatest need.

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